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Planning Your Campaign

Successful campaigns offer a clear vision of change, tell a compelling story, and mobilise people to act in ways th…

Planning Your Social Business

Social enterprises solve social and environmental problems using a business approach. The Social Busine…

Planning Your Project

You’re committed to making the world a better place, but how will you turn your vision into reality? This workshe…

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Developing a Fundraising Plan

Fundraising is more than just raising money – it’s about making sure your project has all the resources it needs….

Finding the Funding You Need

Finding funding to get started, cover costs, and sustain your efforts is one of the biggest challenges facing change….

Preparing a Grant Application

Grant funding is often essential for projects, campaigns, and social businesses. However, there can be a lo…

Preparing a Project Budget

A budget will help you accurately and stay on top of the money and help funders see how realistic your plans ar…

Prototyping Your Solution

Prototyping will help you develop, improve, and test your ideas before you invest a lot of time in them. This work….

Setting an Audacious Goal

It’s important that you truly believe in your idea and in your ability to make a difference. Setting a big, audacious go…


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